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New dimension of mobile photography.

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Get most out of the photos taken by your smartphone!

Imagine that your smartphone takes, wide-angle photos similar to those taken with a professional cameras. A tempting prospect, isn’t it? Meet Clippo and join the thousands of people who enjoy the new and better opportunities for mobile photography.

Wider view angle

A smartphone equipped with a wide-angle lens 120° lets you capture a much larger image than usual - even when the picture is taken from a short distance.

Beautiful and sharp photos

With the Clippo lens, the images shot with the phone will be more interesting, and their deep colors will certainly delight the eyes of not just photography lovers.

Always at hand

Clippo turns your smartphone into a wide-angle camera, which at one moment can be hidden in your pocket. Practical and functional, isn’t it?

Clip it in under 2 seconds

The installation of the lens is really simple. Just mount Clippo on your smartphone in one easy step - pin it to the case.

Widen your perspective and take better mobile photos

Do you know the camera in your smartphone has a view angle of only 30 to 80 degrees? Thanks to Clippo, you can extend it up to 120 degrees - almost 2 times more! As a result, photos taken with your smarthphone are more expressive than ever!

Clippo is not only handy and convenient, but also solidly constructed and technologically advanced. Highest quality of sanded optical lens ensures pictures of flawless colors and high contrast. What's more, wider view angle lets you include much more in your image. See 360° view

360° view


Our approach

We have high exceptations toward gadgets we use, so we carefully choose material with which Clippo is made. Clippo has much more functionality than other brand substitutes, thanks to a multipurpose lens. Clippo lens is made with scrath resistant material. It's high quality that you can feel - as soon as you get your hands on Clippo!

Makro & Fish Eye Multiple functions in one product

You will never forget about any function of Clippo lens - because you always have all of them available in one brilliant product. Small, solid and serviceable, with you whenever you want to capture a moment on your mobile device camera. Just see for yourself - watch our new video.

Włącz dźwięk

  • „All in all #CLIPPO is a very useful gadget. I always carry it with me.”


  • „To every person searching for something unusual and original in photography - I really recommend Clippo lens”


  • „Clippo lens lets you see world in wider perspective - both figuratively and literally”


  • „It's useful for vacation trips where there's alway so much you want to fit in your photo... It's really great, I recommend it.”


  • „It's great for excursions, outings with your friends or even for vloging!”


  • „Clippo lens is not just for masters of photography! It's really fun to use for anyone.”


  • „I've tested many inexpensive lenses from supermarkets or webstores and I've always found something wrong. With Clippo the story is different - I'm really satisfied.”


  • „With Clippo I can make artistic photography with my whone EVERYWHERE - without carrying my heavy reflex camera”


Enjoy the moment! Clearly and widely!

A photo shared with friends is something more than just an image. It represents the time to which you want to go back to. But how can you capture the whole scene in your phone? You can exclude someone from the photo, but it's rather a bad idea... It's definitely better to reach for a wide-angle lens - to use Clippo!

You're taking a lot of pictures, but you don't carry your camera everywhere. Or, maybe you're flying on a trip and you do not have enough space in your luggage? With Clippo these problem doesn't exist! Your smartphone becomes a light and small wide-angle camera, which can be easily held inside your pocket.

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